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According to its charter, the main body of the Foundation is the Foundation Board, which can be composed of three to six members. The Board is in particular responsible for the operational activities of the Foundation. The current composition of Foundation Board is the following :

Nicolas Burckhardt Chairman
Edelgard Burckhardt Vice-Chairman
Michelle Addison Member
Timothy Laing Member


The second body of the Foundation is its legal auditor. The auditor is not only responsible for the audit of the annual accounts, but also controls the compliance of the Foundation's activities with the charter and with its goals.

Drys Fiduciaire SA Legal auditor


Moreover, the Foundation is submitted to the surveillance of the swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). The FDHA watches over the legal compliance of the Foundation. An annual activity report has to be submitted on yearly basis. This report is used by the FDHA to verify that the Foundation's activities remain within the boundaries outlined  in the charter.