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2012 Projects & Activities

Scholarship program
With 69 received applications for the academic year 2012-2013, the number of scholarship applications lies within the average of the past four years. This figure includes 5 recipients from last year who wished to renew their scholarship. After a thorough and careful review of all candidates, the Foundation decided to support 7 students, with amounts ranging from $1'100 to $2'200. All students were undergraduates studying towards a bachelor's degree or a diploma.

As in the previous years, the Foundation allocated several more scholarships than the 3 scholarships stated in our guidelines, since we are not yet supporting any other, larger projects besides the scholarship program. The reason for this measure is that under Swiss foundation law, charitable foundations are not allowed to build up too large financial positions in excess of their initial endowment.

Other activities
Similarly to last year, the Foundation did not receive any demands or requests to support a specific project or activity during the fiscal year 2012.